The 1998 One Pound Proof Silver Eagle

One of the most popular designs in coinage history

In 1916 the US Mint began to produce the Walking Liberty Half Dollar. This coin became one of the most popular in the nation's history, and many lamented it's demise, replaced by the much plainer Franklin Half Dollar in 1948.

When silver prices rose in the 1960's, all silver was removed from US coinage. By 1980, silver prices had risen to over $50 an ounce, and many Americans saved everything containing silver, including bags of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar.

Actual size 3.5 inches in diameter

Reborn in precious silver

In 1986, the Mint decided to once again strike silver coins, but only for collectors, not for circulation. It began to produce a one ounce Silver Eagle, and the design chosen for the obverse of the coin was the Walking Liberty image formerly used on the fifty cent piece.

This new Walking Liberty coin became an instant hit with collectors, and over the years the Mint has produced countless millions of the one ounce version.

We decided to make it BIGGER

The largest Eagle produced by the Mint is a mere one ounce. We decided to make it bigger. We asked our Mint to strike the Silver Eagle in a Massive One Pound Edition!

Each of these fabulous huge Silver Eagles is struck in Brilliant Proof condition, and each weighs a full Troy Pound (12 Troy Ounces). Every one is struck in pure, .999 fine silver.

You won't believe the Colossal size! Each Pound Silver Proof Eagle is 3.5 inches in diameter!

You've never seen a Silver Eagle this hefty!

YOU be the judge---Which is more impressive?




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